refia sacks

Silverware & Jewellery

Having trained as a silversmith, Refia’s jewellery has the silversmith’s quality of form and three dimensionality.



As with her stained glass she often uses natural forms, though in a non-specific way. She likes to work both in silver alone and with the colour of semi-precious stones. Her creativity is best able to express itself with neckpieces though she also makes all other forms of jewellery.
Refia’s silverware tends to be on a fairly small scale and usually with a lot of surface decoration, her favoured technique being repousse (hammering detail into the silver with special tools). She also likes the freedom of reticulation (burning or melting the surface of the silver). She makes bowls, boxes, goblets, candle holders, picture frames and a variety of other objects.




Repousse and reticulation